Saturday 27 November 2010

Not a wonderful day of it.

But its ok heres some food! Also I've de-saturated the background because as much as I loved the brown, I does interfere with the pictures in a painful way.

These were for a game; no idea what it was but they paid me $5 a picture, (I calculated £1.50 an hour) to do them. Out of the blue today they dropped me from the project for not churning them out faster then two or three a week.. Can't say I'm sorry ;D

Chili Dog

Chicken Stir-fry.


Chicken Soup

Er.. potato salad

A new perspective on Tomato Soup

The same Chili dog again.

The plate is possibly my favorite. Just look at it! So shiny and subtle..

Catchup post #2 First Project - Advertising

If you can't appreciate the sheer grimyness of this, do look away.

There were actually about 12 different secions to this project, but the first two are the ones that worked the best.. two of the others you'd need to see physically. The last wasn't quite so good.

And er...

Catchup post #1 'Summer'

I've been sitting on a lot of posts for far too long!
These are some doodles from the summer x