Wednesday 29 June 2011


This is how I feel in a nutshell.


I have an absolutely damning head cold SO Royal Ascot will do until i can get some art done.


Its all black tie. Top hats & tails on the gents, hats and long dresses on the women.

Flaunting the dress code.

My boyfriends family brought me, Here he is looking charming in a top hat. The women's hats were amazing, absolutely out of this world! I love the pomp and the englishness of it, the gardens were all marquees and carefully made wood chip paths toppling all the elegantly dressed girls in high heels. Its a pity the weather was a bit dodgy, but otherwise it wouldn't have seemed real.

The queen was there.

And Robin even won some money! (insert photo of victory dance)

Much love x

Friday 17 June 2011

Zombie doodles.

Trying to design zombies which are quirky but not overly cute, so I had a lot of fun playing the scale of character design >:D

Graphic, simply, cute but not ott? Room for animation and character:

Still horror film zombie-esque but with a touch of personality? Zombies you could have a conversation with really:

Somewhere in between? Maybe more human, or more cartoonish, or grotesque or animated?

The commissioner likes the first one so stay tuned :)

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Alice Madness - Tweedledum and Tweedle Tea

Such a rush job, The majority of this was painted today. I preferred the painting style of the earlier versions, but something was going wrong and it just needed to be done!

Thanks Joe for the lighting/dodge tool tips.

Process Work:

Also All of this was for Loading:Drink Relax Play and EA: Alice Madness Returns

Time for bed I think! Stay posted for zombies, steamships and indie album covers.

Thursday 9 June 2011

Working Hard!

And soon it'll be time for a picture a day to start. Inspired!