Thursday 27 October 2011

Character design and Model sheets

I've noticed a lot of people get to my blog by searching google for model sheets, and as I had trouble once finding examples of model sheets I've decided to put up my collection for your perusal. NONE of these sheets or drawings are my own, they are copyright to the origional artists and their companies. Do not use/ sell/ publish any part of these images. I am sharing them solely for the use to which I put them, personal education as to how character and model sheets should be put together.
99 Character Design (28 MB) The file includes sheets by Pixar and disney and a lot more by animation students and illustrators from around the web. If you know where I can find more I'm always interested!


  1. the link does not work you could send me the file I am very interested.

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    The link does not work again LOL ...Could you send me your files eventually ?? Here is my mail

    Thank you in advance ;-)