Sunday 20 November 2011

Beast Quest

Ever heard of Beast quest?
Heres an example of the art: Link So I did some samples for beast quest, trying to get the art style and the look of the main character down as accurately as possible while producing my own illustrations. Here are the results! Tom leaping over logs:
I tried to get the digital brush effects in this momentary relief from action:
I noticed he looked quite like Link. Not sure if this doodle helped my chances..
So then i had to design a skeletal shark man! The first time I've really had a go at using silhouettes:
Final shark man: I only had a few hours to finish it so its a bit wiffly.
All in all I'm fairly certain I didn't get the job, partially because i think the artwork was expected within 3 days and it took me 4. In my defense no dates were set and 4 artworks in 4 days is a personal best ;D

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