Saturday 23 October 2010

Late Night updates.


These are a couple of posters I did for Halloween at the stannery. It didn't go well, after working up a couple of tries and getting not lot of response, I worked this to finished in 2 days. But it wasn't quite the comic book feel they'd wanted, the sexy, violent harsh colours of a night out and as there wasn't enough time, will or money left to start over, in the end they went with someone else.

Ah well, I'm learning.

The first version.. trying to fit to the more realistic american comic book style. I think you can see why I started over ;D

Update: On going to find the replacement poster for this post, I've discovered the replacement poster has been replaced. I heard there were complaints of the young lady on the last poster being underdressed, even for the occasion.

This is the replacement replacement:

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