Wednesday 13 October 2010

Noble Failures.

Sometimes a piece doesn't quite work, isn't quite right, Isn't quite finished. And it sits on the harddrive, gathering spacedust in a forgotten corner of the backup drive until the day of the final SYS ERROR.

Having one of my first commission heartily rejected today (to be dealt with at length in some future masterpiece of ranty prose), I thought I'd honor the unmentionables. Here are a few of those unfinished, unloved could-have beens.

Two roads:
A piece I still quite like, but I started painting before I'd really got to grips with colour schemes and I was far to confused to finish it.

It started as an idle paintchat challenge I was determined to finish. The gloomyness just got to me in the end ;D

Its not so much the picture that fell by the wayside here as the project, I was intended to be a fangirl calendar. This is Mr. January, Edward Cullen.

A very odd concept which was intended to be a comic, but was in reality just a series of scenes and a rather nice sketch.. which was never properly painted:

And this their final bow ;D Many more to come!

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